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 Amazon bestselling author of Contemporary Romances for smart readers who enjoy novels about strong men and stronger women...

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 Cynthia Tennent is an Amazon bestselling author of Contemporary Romances for readers who enjoy novels that spin heartwarming sweetness with hilarious irony. Her characters challenge the best and the worst in each other - and end up happy on the last page. She finds inspiration from her Midwest roots and the opportunities she has had to travel and live around the world. When she isn't writing or daydreaming, she is riding around town in her minivan and chasing her dog in the backyard.  

Newest Release

 Come Back to the Ballpark, Maisy Gray is a contemporary romance about a reluctant woman who is a baseball team’s lucky charm and the man who must get her back in the game… 

Maisy Gray is no one’s lucky charm. As far as she’s concerned her low down spineless cheating ex-fiancée and his team can rot in last place forever. Of all the stupid days to return to the ballpark, she manages to do it the very day her ex pitches a no-hitter.

“Maisy’s back!” The newspaper headline credits the miracle on the mound to the return of the lucky girl who was once a fixture in the stands. Now, frenzied Turbos fans want Maisy to sprinkle her magic pixie dust over their team again.

Turbos General Manager, Sam Hunter, doesn’t believe in superstition. But he likes his job, so he agrees to his boss’s stupid plan to get the pretty rabbit’s foot back to the stands. He’ll seduce Maisy, reunite her with her ex, offer money, and do whatever it takes to win. It should be easy. Except it’s not. And when the seduction part of the plan backfires, it’s not just the season that’s at stake. It’s Sam’s heart. 

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